Superior training yields superior results

Cosmetique employs AHPRA registered nurses as Cosmetic Nurse Injectors. On average, per vacant position, Cosmetique receives between 200- 400 applications. All shortlisted nurses undergo an interview with our General Manager, Head Nurse and Head of Talent prior to being offered employment.

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Aesthetic and Skin Institute

All Cosmetic Nurses at Cosmetique undergo training and certification from Aesthetic and Skin Institute (ASI)

ASI is a global training organisation based in Australia.

Benefits of ASI certification

  • All courses are CPD certified and ACRRM accredited.
  • Anatomy-based training that is designed by industry leading doctors.
  • Emphasis on ongoing training
  • Provides a global perspective on of cosmetic treatments

Continuing education

The field of Cosmetic Injectables is ever evolving

All nurses at Cosmetique undergo fortnightly Continuing Professional Development (CPD). CPD cover all aspects of Cosmetic Injectables including but not limited to anatomy, pharmacology, physiology and the latest in injecting techniques.

This ongoing fortnightly compulsory CPD ensures all nurses are Cosmetique are unto date with the latest in the field when managing our patients.

To be a Cosmetique nurse, applications are required to demonstrate a commitment to education and academia