Superior Training Yields Superior Results

At Cosmetique, our Cosmetic Nurse Injectors are all registered with AHPRA, ensuring the highest standards of care.

As an employer of choice,we typically receive an impressive 100 to 400 applications for each open position.

Finalists are meticulously screened, undergoing interviews with either our General Manager or a Senior Nurse before employment offers are extended.

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Aesthetic and Skin Institute

To maintain our unwavering commitment to quality patient care, every candidate offered a Cosmetic Nurse position at Cosmetique is mandated to complete specialised training with the Aesthetic and Skin Institute (ASI) before their employment officially begins. Cosmetique absorbs the cost of this invaluable training for all nurses who are extended a job offer.

Based in Australia, ASI is a globally recognised training organisation in the field of aesthetics.

Benefits of ASI certification

  • All courses are CPD certified and ACRRM accredited.
  • Anatomy-based training that is designed by industry leading doctors.
  • Emphasis on ongoing training.
  • Provides a global perspective on of cosmetic treatments.
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Cosmetique® Nurse Training Journey

Laser Safey Course

Cosmetique is not only committed to unparalleled patient care but also to educating medical professionals in maintaining the highest safety standards.

Our Laser Safety Course, approved by the Department of Health and accredited by the Radiological Council, is designed to equip nurses with the essential knowledge and skills to operate laser equipment safely and effectively. The course covers fundamental principles, including laser physics, tissue interaction, and safety protocols, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of laser treatments.

Continuing Training

At Cosmetique, patient safety and satisfaction are our top priorities. Upon successful certification from A.S.I., all our Cosmetic Nurses are required to complete a comprehensive observership supervised by our Senior Nurse across all treatments offered. This guarantees that our patients receive care of the highest calibre.

Furthermore, each treatment administered by our Cosmetic Nurses undergoes rigorous review by our Clinical Governance Committee. Additional professional development is provided as necessary to enhance patient satisfaction levels continually.

Through these mandatory and ongoing quality assessments, we ensure that every nurse at Cosmetique stays abreast of the latest advancements in patient care, reinforcing our commitment to safety and excellence in outcomes.