Skin Needling Treatments

At Cosmetique®, we offer our skin needling treatments as a way to enhance your appearance with a youthful glow. This rejuvenation process yields results that will wow, all while being minimally invasive. These treatments are a great way to restore your natural beauty. Using your skin’s natural defence system to restore and promote healing, this procedure has minimal recovery time, allowing you to seamlessly return to your everyday routine with a refreshed appearance.

A safe, natural, and more holistic alternative for resurfacing, skin needling gently permeates the epidermis (the outer layer of the skin) to encourage a response of increased collagen and elastin production. By using the most advanced rejuvenation processes, our skin needling treatment can improve the appearance of wrinkles, acne, and scarring on the face. This treatment works to rebuild, restore, and refresh without the need for complex surgeries.

Available at all clinics, our expert staff are well-versed in the application of this unique treatment. We work with each of our clients individually to determine whether this procedure will help them achieve the results they are hoping for. Although these treatments are proven to work for many skin types, some are not ideal for this procedure. We recommend booking a free consultation before a skin needling appointment so we can determine whether this is the best option for you.

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What Is Skin Needling?

This type of treatment sounds fairly similar to how it is performed. Skin needling targets problematic areas through a course of microscopic and unnoticeable punctures with the use of a unique tool, usually a roller or pen device. The tiny needles penetrate the outer layer of the dermis, and the depth can be adjusted depending on the problems at hand, such as scarring or wrinkles. Your body will have an automatic response to begin the healing process, sending essential proteins to the treated area. It is natural to have a bit of swelling and redness as a result of the treatment, and clients are required to follow strict aftercare instructions to ensure the natural restorative process is uninterrupted.

What Is It Used For?

At a certain age, skin stops producing collagen and elastin in the same volume as it did before. As a result, it will lose plumpness and regenerative qualities, causing wrinkles to replace a once supple appearance. This procedure elicits these proteins to reproduce as they once did, and can be used to improve the look of wrinkles or scars. At Cosmetique®, our skin needling treatment can achieve a variety of results, including:

  • Building and regenerating natural collagen and elastin

  • Addressing and reducing fine lines

  • Addressing and reducing acne scars

  • Stimulating the growth of collagen

This procedure can yield impressive results for many skin types. Typically, it takes between four to six treatments, spaced out monthly, to see the full effects of what can be achieved. Our team of Australasia’s leading surgeons and nurse injectors are committed to providing transparent information regarding pre and post-treatment specifications. This helps to ensure your skin looks and feels its best.

How Does Skin Needling Work?

Prior to attending your treatment appointment, apply a numbing cream to your face to help ensure a comfortable experience during the process. The skin is then penetrated by small pricks that are millimetres deep depending on the problem area, such as a dark spot or fine line. The skin’s natural defence system will then begin to produce collagen and elastin to heal itself. These are two proteins that naturally regenerate more slowly as we age. Therefore, when the body is tricked into producing more of them, it can restore their levels of production. With these elements reintroduced to skin, it will start to look refreshed and smooth through a natural process.

Are There Any Risks Or Side Effects?

Skin needling treatments come with minimal risks and are a less invasive procedure than surgeries, making them considerably safer. It is worth noting that there are a few risks associated if clients do not follow proper pre and post-procedure instructions. After treatment, the first few days are when the skin is at its most sensitive and more prone to infection or damage. It is important you stay out of the sun and apply moisturizer to your face regularly to encourage healing. Peeling is possible, and must be left to clear on its own without picking or exfoliants. For more information on our skin needling treatment in Perth, or to book your free consultation, contact Cosmetique® today.

What Kind Of Preparation And Aftercare Can I Expect?

Due to the unique nature of skin needling, it is important that clients who are eligible for the procedure follow certain guidelines so they can achieve the best results. You should avoid skin peels or injectables into the face for at least two weeks prior to your appointment to ensure it is strong. When it comes to sun exposure, SPF is always recommended for skin and highly recommended before this procedure.

Other pretreatment requirements include:

  • Avoid topical antibiotics, exfoliants and overexposure to the sun seven days prior

  • Abstain from IPL and laser waxing seven days prior

  • Take antiviral medications for cold sores two days prior to the procedure (if there is a history of cold sores)

  • No shaving on the day of the procedure

After a skin needling treatment, it is important clients follow specific guidelines to ensure their skin heals properly and avoids the risk of infection or severe damage. Although it may take a few procedures to see more noticeable results, the skin must be kept in good condition in between appointments. Here are some of our guidelines for post treatment:

  • Apply moisturizers and sunscreen regularly

  • Evade sun exposure in any capacity for the first 48 hours

  • Avoid strenuous activity and swimming for 48 hours

  • Refrain from using topical antibiotics and exfoliants for seven days post-procedure

  • Don’t use IPL or laser waxing seven days post-procedure

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