Our Commitment to Excellence

Quality Innovation Performance (QIP) Accreditation Achieved

At Cosmetique, our unwavering dedication to providing unparalleled quality in cosmetic care has propelled us to achieve a significant milestone: becoming Australia’s First Accredited Cosmetic Clinic™ clinic under the Quality Innovation Performance (QIP). This prestigious accreditation is a testament to our rigorous adherence to the National Safety and Quality Primary and Community Healthcare Standards (NSQPCH), underscoring our commitment to excellence. By voluntarily embracing and surpassing these stringent standards, we set a new benchmark for safety, quality, and clinical governance in the cosmetic industry, ensuring the highest level of care for our patients.

Why QIP Accreditation Matters

QIP accreditation is more than a credential; it’s a demonstration to our patients and the community that Cosmetique® prioritises safety, quality, and continuous improvement above all. This accreditation signifies that we meet and exceed national standards, providing an objective and reputable indicator of our clinic’s commitment to excellence.

It’s a rigorous evaluation of our practices, policies, and outcomes, ensuring that every aspect of our operations contributes to the well-being and satisfaction of our patients.

For anyone seeking cosmetic treatments, our QIP accreditation offers peace of mind, knowing they are in the safest and most competent hands.

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Beyond Regulatory Requirements

In an industry often characterised by rapidly evolving techniques and treatments, Cosmetique® stands out by not just meeting, but vastly exceeding, regulatory requirements. Despite the absence of specific standards for Cosmetic Injectable clinics, Cosmetique® has proactively sought and achieved QIP accreditation, filling a crucial gap in the regulatory landscape. This achievement highlights our initiative to lead by example, offering a model for excellence that goes beyond mere compliance. By embarking on this mission, we ensure that our clients receive the safest, most effective treatments available, reinforcing our position at the forefront of the cosmetic healthcare sector.

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Our Journey to Accreditation

The journey to becoming Australia’s first accredited cosmetic clinic was a concerted effort that reflected the collective dedication of our entire team at Cosmetique. The accreditation process entailed a comprehensive audit of Cosmetique’s practices, policies, and procedures, meticulously reviewed by a panel of experts, assessors and the accreditation committee. It was a path chosen from a deep-rooted commitment to uphold and advance the standards of care in the cosmetic industry. Each step towards this accreditation reinforced our resolve to not just meet but exceed expectations, establishing a new paradigm of excellence.

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Leading by Example: What Our Accreditation Means for You

Cosmetique’s achievement of QIP accreditation is more than just a mark of distinction for us; it’s a beacon of trust, safety, and quality for you, our valued clients. This accreditation assures you that our clinic not only adheres to the highest standards of clinical governance and patient care but also champions the continual advancement of these standards. By choosing Cosmetique, you’re choosing a clinic that leads by example, offering not just cosmetic treatments, but a commitment to excellence that sets new benchmarks for the entire industry. Our accreditation is your assurance of receiving the best possible care in the field of cosmetic healthcare.