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A beautifully sculpted jawline adds definition to your face, creating a regal and angular look. It can also enhance your facial shape, highlighting your best features even more. However, it is not uncommon to struggle with the amount of skin directly below your jaw, often referred to as a double chin.

At Cosmetique®, we want our patients to look and feel their best in every way, so we offer fat dissolving injections for this area. Each of our treatments is administered by our highly skilled and trained cosmetic injectors. Our team will take the time to evaluate your unique facial structure, identifying how best to ensure impactful results that will bring out your natural beauty.

Our clinics are designed to care for various cosmetic procedure needs with non-invasive solutions. We aim to brighten your natural appearance and shine a light on your confidence. With locations throughout Australia, including Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Adelaide you can achieve your perfect profile with fat dissolving injections wherever is most convenient for you.

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What Are Fat Dissolving Injections?

These injections use active ingredients that have proven results. When injected into your submental adiposity, or under-chin area, the solution breaks down fat cells, which begin to absorb into your body, dissolving and filtering out through natural processes. This injectable thus helps to reduce the fat under your chin, and redefines your jawline.

Living with a double-chin, you may find yourself sticking out your neck farther, or straining to certain angles to make it less noticeable. This feature may be the result of a few different factors, such as:

  • Aging

  • Genetics

  • Weight gain

  • Diet

This excess of fat cells is not uncommon in both men and women. Despite best efforts through diet, exercise, or other lifestyle changes, results don’t often reflect the effort people attempt to smooth out this area. In many cases, fat dissolving injections are the solution our patients have been looking for, as they provide them with exceptional and transformative results after only a few sessions.

What Should I Expect Before, During, And After The Procudure?

For all of our fat dissolving injections appointments, we dedicate time at the beginning for a comprehensive consultation. This is an opportunity for us to ask some questions about your health and the results you are hoping this procedure will achieve.

48 hours prior to your appointment, you should avoid consuming any alcohol and certain medications, such as anti-inflammatories. The evening before, ensure you get a good night’s rest. On the morning of your procedure, we recommend cleansing your face as you normally would and arriving at the clinic without makeup on. If you have concerns about pain during the treatment, please let our team know, and we can provide a complimentary dental block to help eliminate any unnecessary discomfort.

Our cosmetic injectors will walk you through the details of your treatment process at the start of your appointment. They will inform you of possible side effects and begin to prepare your skin for the procedure. Depending on the shape and amount of fat cells below your chin, the initial procedure will take approximately 10 to 15 minutes total.

You will likely experience some redness and warmth along the treatment area.

Swelling is increasingly common after the completion of fat dissolving injections. Within the first three days, you may also notice some bruising. After seven days, these symptoms will dissipate, and your chin may begin to feel firmer than it was before. As time goes on and the cells are absorbed naturally into the body, your jaw will begin to reduce in size visually. We recommend spacing out treatments between six to eight weeks, and we find that many patients only require two or three treatments for desired results.

At Cosmetique®, we want to enhance your natural beauty. Our fat dissolving injections are administered by our professional injectors and will create a jawline you can feel confident showing off, reflecting the appearance you have desired with lasting results. To learn more about this treatment, or any of our other procedures, please reach out to us.

How Long Do Fat Dissolving Injections  Last?

For full and best results, we recommend at least three sessions with our cosmetic injectors to ensure a longer-lasting, slimmed appearance. These are spread out over six to eight weeks, which is around the time you’ll first notice your more defined appearance. Depending on the patient, these injections may last anywhere from two to four years before needing a follow-up treatment. In some cases, the initial procedure is enough and will not require further fat dissolving injections.

Which Parts Of The Body Are Best Suited To This Procedure?

At Cosmetique®, we only offer fat dissolving injections for the chin. This area is of specific concern for many of our patients, and our expertise allows us to provide maximum results and improvements in this part of the face.

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