Nose Fillers

At Cosmetique, our ultra premium fillers can help you achieve improved profile without surgery, pain or downtime. They can also address irregularities on the nose. These irregularities can be something patients can be born with, or due to previous trauma or surgical rhinoplasty. With multiple locations across Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and more, our team at Cosmetique® can help you achieve an amazing and natural looking profile in a safe medical environment.

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How is the treatment performed?

Non-surgical rhinoplasties are performed as a walk-in walk-out treatment with effectively no down time. Some patients may experience some minor swelling and with bruising however this is very infrequent.

Cant the treatment be reversed?

At Cosmetique, we use premium fillers that are TGA approved, safe, effective and lasts up to 24 months. Additionally, if for some reason you change your mind after it is done, the filler can be completely dissolved!

Where is this treatment available?

We have several clinics located across Australia, including Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and more. To find your nearest clinic, please use the booking form below or contact us to chat to a member of our team.

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