Cheek Filler Treatments & Cheekbone Injections

At Cosmetique®, our ultra-premium cheek fillers can help you get higher cheekbones and an improved facial profile without surgery, or downtime. With multiple locations across Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and more, our team can help you achieve an amazing and natural-looking profile in a safe, welcoming, and comfortable medical environment.

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Trust & Expertise

At Cosmetique®, we treat thousands of patients each month across our clinics. Our cheek filler injections are performed by a highly skilled team of cosmetic injectors. They have reviewed and assessed all the cheek fillers available in the market to ensure we select only the finest options for your needs and budget. Every cheek filler appointment starts with a bespoke consultation to discuss your desired aesthetic results.

How Do Cheek Fillers Work?

During your cheek filler consultation, you will learn that non-surgical cheekbone fillers are an ideal option for flattening or hollow cheeks caused by volume loss, weight loss, or ageing. As we age, we lose skin elasticity. However, we also lose elasticity in the deeper soft tissue layers of the face. Furthermore, there is age-related resorption along with bony prominences, such as the cheekbones. All of these contribute to a flattening of the facial features as well as downward migration of the tissues and fat pads, which increases the prominence of grooves such as nasolabial folds.

Treatment with Fillers

Volume can be re-introduced by strategically placing high-density (high G prime) cheek fillers, which address the flattening or hollowness. At Cosmetique®, we approach this correction in a very careful and considerate way, always mindful of creating a very natural look that does not in any way suggest that the cheeks have been filled.

Our ultra-premium cheek fillers, on average, last on average for upto 12 to 18 months. The result is noticeable immediately, and you can return to regular activities straight away. Immediately after treatment, you may have some temporary, minimal swelling of the area.

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FAQ: Cheek Fillers

During your cheek filler consultation, you will learn that cheek fillers, otherwise referred to as cheekbone fillers, are precisely administered injections that restore volume to this area of the face. They’re ideal for individuals who have subtle or underdeveloped cheekbones, or other similarly unwanted frustrations with their facial appearance, or those who simply want to create a more pronounced yet natural look. They can be used to effectively ‘lift’ the cheekbones, smooth fine lines, and diminish the appearance of wrinkles. Please bear in mind that results will vary between patients, and we highly encourage attending a consultation before committing to a cheek filler treatment.

Standard cheekbone filler treatments take place after an initial consultation to verify whether you are a suitable candidate. The process is relatively straightforward, requiring you only to relax. Our highly skilled and experienced team will first ensure that you are comfortable and feel at ease before proceeding. After the injection is made, you’ll notice the results right away.

When handled properly, these are among the safer options for facial injections. This is why we are careful to screen treatment candidates to determine whether their health or underlying conditions would introduce any complications post-injection. With quick recovery times, a hassle-free treatment procedure, the use of high-quality fillers and the expertise of our onsite staff, you’re in capable and caring hands. There can sometimes be side effects, but these are generally very mild in the form of subtle swelling, bruising, itching, and/or redness.

At Cosmetique, we have several clinics located across Australia. To find your nearest clinic, please use the booking form below or contact us to chat with a member of our team. We look forward to helping you rejuvenate your appearance!

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