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At Cosmétique, our procedures and treatments are designed to help reveal a more beautiful and glowing you. Our expert staff are capable of identifying enhancements that will renew your complexion and restore a youthful appearance that will surely boost your confidence. We offer non-invasive procedures, including cheek and lip fillers. Comprised of a team of cosmetic injectors with renowned expertise in various procedures, each staff member employs the latest techniques and utmost care to all of our patients. Ready to level up your aesthetics? Book an appointment with us.

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Within South Australia, you’ll find our North Adelaide location. Our highly skilled and dedicated team can help you discover the treatments that can highlight your features and shape your visage. One of our most sought-after procedures, our lip fillers in Adelaide, is capable of perfecting your pout and enhancing your overall appearance. Throughout Australia, our cosmetic injectors perform more than 1,000 lip filler injections per month across all our clinics, demonstrating our precision and proficiency with this treatment. If you would like to know more about how we can enhance your appearance, including skin needling or cheek fillers in Adelaide, we would love for you to make a consultation appointment. Contact us for more information.

Welcome to Cosmetique® North Adelaide. Our clinic is home to some of Australasia’s most experienced Cosmetic Injectors. At Cosmetique®, we are passionate about providing everyday Australians with exceptional service at an affordable price.

North Adelaide

We invite you to visit us at our exclusive South Australia location in North Adelaide. We are located in the heart of the capital, along Melbourne Street, and a stone’s throw away from Park 10 and Park 6. Our team consists of some of Australasia’s most experienced cosmetic injectors, who look forward to helping you improve your look and, by extension, your confidence.

At Cosmétique, we are passionate about providing everyday Australians with exceptional services at affordable prices. Perhaps you require a chemical peel or skin needling in Adelaide to renew your skin’s appearance, or are considering another procedure to amplify your features. Our cheek fillers can provide you with the definition you have always wanted, while our lip fillers in Adelaide can create a focal point of the perfect lip shape. Contact us today to book a free consultation and achieve the visage you have been dreaming of.

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266 Melbourne Street, North Adelaide SA 5006

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At Cosmetique®, we offer a wide range of popular and affordable cosmetic procedures performed by experienced health professionals. Our most sought-after treatments include lip fillers, cheek fillers, nose fillers and wrinkle relaxers.

To find out how we can help you, book a one-on-one consultation at one of our clinics today.

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